Gemeente Tervuren
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Dutch courses

To facilitate your contacts with its inhabitants and with its administration and services, Dutch courses are organised by the commune of Tervuren.

These courses start at the beginning of September and may be attended morning or evening.

Elementary courses (1+2)

These courses (once a week – three hours) will allow you to acquire a basic knowledge of the language.

Advanced courses (3+4+5+6)

These courses (once a week – three hours) are for people who already speak Dutch, but want to broaden their knowledge of

the language through conversations that will touch upon a wide variety of subjects.

Conversation (Conversatie)

To enhance your conversational skills (after level 6).

Reading and writing class (Lees- en schrijfgroep).

Reading articles on topical subjects, a modern novel, writing letters, revision of spelling problems, etc... (after level 6).

Dutch courses : schedules Dutch

NEW Dutch (intensive courses) : see schedules Dutch intensive.


Enrollment/Registration fee : click here


contact us at 02 7670430 (from Monday until Thursday: 9am-12pm and 6.30pm-10pm)

You can download a registration-/enrollment form here.

Fill it out and bring it with you to the administration office.

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Dutch conversation 1     Dutch conversation 2

Dutch reading and writing class 1       Dutch reading and writing class 2

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